20/20 Hindsight Advice for New Buyers

November 3, 2016

Charles Felsberg - AMCOL Systems

Charles Felsberg

Auditing Manager

Lauretta Campestre - CallMiner

Lauretta Campestre

Customer Success Director

Ray Richardson - NuHome Promotions

Ray Richardson

Chief Compliance Officer

Richard Britt

Richard Britt

Director Consumer Data Management and Strategy

Ryan Carrigan - CallMiner

Ryan Carrigan

Solutions Architect

12:30 PM  -  1:15 PM
Sea Side/Shore Salons
Round Table - Executive Discussion

This session is ideal for new or potential interaction analytics buyers to hear from previous buyers on what they’d do differently in implementing, rolling out and building interaction analytics programs considering what they now know and have experienced.

Session Category :  Executive Sessions  Relational Learning - Round Table