Chris Straiter

Chris Straiter - Sentry Credit
Chief Compliance Officer
Chief Compliance Officer

Chris Straiter is the Chief Compliance Officer with Sentry Credit, Inc. a leading ARM firm based out of Everett, WA specializing in Financial Services, Education and Mortgage receivables. His responsibilities with Sentry Credit include Compliance, Voice Analytics, Complaint Management and Quality Assurance. Chris joined Sentry Credit, Inc. in February 2012, after a two-year assignment at American Express Global Collections, where he was a Portfolio Manager. His responsibilities with American Express included managing agency performance for a number of 3rd party collection agency relationships. This focus included operational improvements, collector and leader development, and enhancing controls and compliance to American Express standards.

Prior to joining American Express, Chris was an important part of the consulting, audit and conference operation at Resource Management Services, Inc., where he helped develop and present their Recovery Management Strategies and Techniques sessions, as well as developing conference content and various client operational audits. His recovery management experience began at Bank of America. His 13 year tenure there included ATM Risk Management, Agency Liaison, and extensive experience in Agency Audit and Agency Performance Management.

Chris has presented compliance, vendor management, audit and performance management, and voice analytics topics at a number of industry conferences, including Collections and Recovery Solutions, Debt Connection Symposium & Expo, National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) and CallMiner Listen.

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November 3, 2016
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